Suffolk School Closes Due to Enterovirus

NEW HYDE PARK, NY – The enterovirus that has been infecting several children across the country should be coming to a close shortly, despite Southampton Elementary School closing because of a reported case this week, a New York critical care pediatrician says. 

Within the next week or two, the enterovirus season should be over, says Peter Silver, MD, chief of pediatric critical care medicine at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park

“This past month saw the pediatric ICU at Cohen Children’s Medical Center as having its busiest month ever,” Dr. Silver says. “Whereas we will average about 140 or so admissions a month, in September we admitted 172 critically ill to the pediatric critical care unit… The biggest reason why we had such a record-breaking month was because of the enterovirus outbreak that has been going on across the country and has been in the Northeast for the past several weeks. In September, we admitted 68 children with enterovirus.”

Some symptoms of the enterovirus include:

•Wheezing, especially if there is no previous history of this.

•Difficulty breathing


One of the best ways to prevent the spread of the enterovirus or any other infectious diseases is for people to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly. 

While the enterovirus season is coming to a close, flu season will be starting soon along with that of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). RSV affects a person’s lungs and their airways. Infants are more susceptible to the most severe symptoms of this virus, Dr. Silver says. Those with previous breathing issues, including wheezing, and people with immunodeficiencies are more susceptible to the virus.

Signs of RSV include:

•Decreased appetite and energy level



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