Star Wars Actor Harrison Ford's Broken Leg Needs Time to Heal

GREAT NECK, NY – Harrison Ford’s broken leg has temporarily halted production of the latest Star Wars movie and it shows that taking the proper time to recuperate after an injury is critical, a New York orthopedic surgeon says.

“Usually, it takes the bones at least six weeks to heal,” says Joshua Steinvurzel, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at the North Shore-LIJ Health System. “Sometimes, it can be longer depending on other medical conditions. But at least for the bone to heal, it can be upwards of six weeks and then sometimes there’s further recovery in terms of restoring the strength and balance in that same leg.”
Some things that may cause the healing process to take longer are smoking and diabetes, Dr. Steinvurzel notes.
Some early signs that you may have broken your leg include, “immediate pain and oftentimes you’ll have swelling, which may come out in the next two days,” Dr. Steinvurzel says. “And oftentimes it will be painful to bear weight so you can’t walk on that leg.”

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