Special Issue of eGEMs Shows How Promising New Technologies Can Translate Evidence Into Practice and Promote Patient-Centered Care

Dr. Thomas McGinn
Dr. Thomas McGinn

WASHINGTON, July 13, 2015 – Recent reports indicate that providers are taking patient satisfaction more seriously, while patients are becoming more active participants in their health. These changes in values have set the stage to redesign health care in ways that better integrate evidence with patient and clinician perspectives at the point of care.

In an effort to share promising strategies to leverage clinical decision support, user experience, and system redesign, AcademyHealth’s peer-reviewed open access journal, eGEMs, today releases “Evidence into Action: Improving User Interface to Improve Patient Outcomes.” Edited by Thomas McGinn, M.D., M.P.H., Chair of Medicine of the Hofstra North-LIJ School of Medicine, the issue spotlights innovative testing and design approaches to developing electronic tools that fit into clinical workflows while improving patient-provider communication and quality of care.

“How we marry this high quality evidence and the practice of medicine through effective decision support is a major challenge,” notes Dr. McGinn. “The papers in this special issue are a critical first step to addressing this question.”

The 11 papers detail patient and clinician-centered solutions being developed to bridge the gap between evidence and implementation. For example, a manuscript from Andrea Hartzler and colleagues from Group Health Research Institute and the University of Washington shares the design process used to integrate patient-reported outcomes after spinal surgery into a visual digital dashboard that helps clinicians better understand a patient’s level of pain or disability following surgery. Another prototype tool—designed by Edward Melnick and colleagues from the Yale School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic and University of Connecticut–allows patients and clinicians in emergency departments to use tablets at the bedside to together decide whether a CT scan is appropriate for a minor head injury.

“Our new issue on clinical decision support, user experience, and system redesign exemplifies the reasons eGEMs was created - to share innovative methods as well as new approaches to enhance interoperability and communication in patient-centered ways that can improve health. Translating evidence into practice relies on good usability and clinical decision support to engage patients and the community,” said Electronic Data Methods (EDM) Forum Principal Investigator and eGEMs Editor-in-Chief Erin Holve, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.P.P.

Published papers in the issue include:

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