Southside Hospital Serves Up Fresh Herbs, Thanks to On-Campus Garden

Members of Southside Hospital’s administration and Northwell Health Eastern region leadership with the organic farmer who helped put together Southside’s herb garden.

            BAY SHORE, NY – In an effort to provide the most fresh, flavorful food to its patients, visitors and employees, Southside Hospital recently created an organic herb garden on its campus.

            The hospital engaged local organic farmer Cristina Cosentino to help set up the herb garden, which includes basil, parsley, cilantro and lavender, among other herbs. Southside staff will be maintaining the garden, which resides just steps outside the cafeteria.

            “Having this garden is a great opportunity for us to give our patients the healthiest and freshest ingredients as they heal at our hospital,” said Linda Allison, director of nutritional services at Southside Hospital. “I want to thank all of the departments who helped to make this a possibility and look forward to seeing and eating the fruits of this garden.”

            Northwell Health has been focusing on not only caring for people when they are sick but also focusing on maintaining people’s wellness and health. This herb garden will play a role in that as people can relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the garden on Southside’s campus and enjoy eating the delicious herbs in the cafeteria and throughout the hospital.

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