Southside Hospital Offers Bleeding Control Training for EMS, Community Members

BAY SHORE, NY – When there are car crashes or other incidences of violence, many times the everyday person becomes a first responder. To train people to be able to respond to these events and help save lives, Southside Hospital has begun teaching emergency medical services personnel and local community members how to control someone’s bleeding at the scene.

            The 25 participants at a recent Bleeding Control for the Injured (B-Con) class at the West Islip Fire Department learned about four different kinds of tourniquets, where to place them for various kinds of injuries and how to best use gauze to stop bleeding. The class was led by Timothy Dackow, RN, coordinator of trauma prevention at Southside Hospital in Bay Shore.

            “Helping people to learn these vital skills that may ultimately save someone’s life is such a rewarding experience,” said Mr. Dackow. “If other groups are interested in this class, we at Southside Hospital are ready to train whoever would like to learn this information. We want to help save as many people as we can.”

            For more information about B-Con training, call Mr. Dackow at 631-894-5204.


Contact: Alexandra Zendrian
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