Southside Hospital Implants First Micra Pacemaker in Suffolk County

BAY SHORE, NY – Dr. Erik Altman of Southside Hospital became the first physician in Suffolk County to implant the Micra®Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS).

Pacemakers are beneficial for patients with slow heartbeats as the device increases the heart rate and improves blood circulation when the patients’ heart rate is inadequate. The Micra TPS is less than one-tenth the size of traditional pacemakers and cosmetically invisible, yet it provides the most advanced pacing technology available. It is implanted directly into the heart and does not require the use of wires ("leads") to deliver pacing therapy, thereby reducing potential sources of complications seen with conventional pacing systems. 

“This device is a good option for people who have problems with their blood vessels in the shoulder region where the leads are typically inserted,” said Erik Altman, MD, director of cardiac electrophysiology at Southside. “For example, patients with renal failure on dialysis need their arms/shoulder region for access in order to get dialyzed, so placement of a pacemaker is difficult in their cases. This device does not have leads, which significantly reduces the infection risk, and the device is placed through the groin so you do not have to restrict your arm use after implantation.”

Southside Hospital is proud to be able to offer patients in its community cutting edge technology such as a the Micra TPS.

For more information about the Micra TPS pacemaker and other cardiac services at Southside, call 631-591-7400.

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