Seatbelt a Factor in 30 Rock Accident

seat belt attributed to morgan injuries in crash
Tracy Morgan

STATEN ISLAND, NY -- Walmart fired back at Tracy Morgan citing that the 30 Rock star was not wearing a seatbelt on June 7 when he was critically injured and a friend was killed in an accident.

The company’s18 wheeler was allegedly speeding when it struck Mr. Morgan’s limousine.

John Schulz III, MD, director of trauma services and associate director of the Regional Burn Unit at
Staten Island University Hospital, feels there’s a false sense of security in vehicles like limousines and taxi cabs.

“We all know seatbelts save lives, but the compliance in vehicles like limos is not good,” Dr. Schulz says. “You get in a big limo; it’s like being in a room. It takes the immediacy out of the road, and I can imagine they’d be less inclined to wear a seatbelt.”

Dr. Schulz explained that wearing a seatbelt is incredibly important for two reasons: in a bad accident it keeps you in the car and it decelerates you as the vehicle decelerates, hopefully mitigating injury.

“I’ve treated multiple people that have been thrown out of vehicles during an accident when they
weren’t wearing a seatbelt and got hit by another vehicle,” Dr. Schulz says.

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