"Johnny Football" Taking the Right Step

Photo credit: Debby Wong/Shutterstock.com -- "Johnny Football"

GLEN OAKS, NY – Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is seeking treatment for alcoholism.

“I think this man deciding to check himself into rehab is an excellent sign in terms of his prognosis,” says Bruce Goldman, LCSW, director of substance abuse services at the Zucker Hillside Hospital.  “It’s interesting [though] that people do equally well if they are mandated to go to treatment or if they go of their own volition.”

“Johnny Football” or any other celebrity getting treatment for this issue is an important message that young people should try to take in, Mr. Goldman says.

“We see so many role models for our young people glamorizing this partying lifestyle,” Mr. Goldman says. “I think a role model realizing he needs help and seeking treatment is a good message to send our youth.”

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