Rating Insurers

Crain’s Health Pulse
March 16, 2015
Rating Insurers

Since the launch of its insurance company, CareConnect, 14 months ago, North-Shore LIJ now manages 25,000 lives. Alan Murray, CareConnect’s president and chief executive, offered a morsel of advice at last week’s Healthcare Financial Management Association conference for any provider trying to become a payer. Mine data from consumers, he said. Consumers increasingly are purchasers of insurance, with more than 400,000 choosing a private plan on the New York State of Health marketplace. In many ways, he said, they make decisions about health care the same way they judge airlines. Passengers take for granted that they will get to their destination safely. They judge airlines on perks such as leg room and customer service. In the same way, patients take quality clinical care for granted, said Mr. Murray. They judge health care visits based on customer service, cleanliness of facilities and ease of booking appointments.

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