Quintessentially Happy: New York City Quints Turn Five

STATEN ISLAND, NY - The Ferrante Quintuplets, the borough’s only set of quints, came back to Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH) this week to party with their hospital family in celebration of their 5th birthdays.

 Born Dec. 27, 2008, after only 27 weeks of pregnancy, Alessia Louise (2 lbs), Amanda Frances (1 lb, 8 oz), Emily Ann (2 lb, 1 oz), Matthew Sabatino (2 lb, 4.5 oz), and Ella Lilliana (1 lb, 15.5 oz) came into our world a media sensation. “The fact that they all turned out so well is like hitting the lotto. It’s definitely a reason to celebrate,” said Dr. James Ducey, director of obstetrics and maternal fetal medicine at SIUH.

 Five teams, totaling 40 doctors and clinicians, assembled for the birth of Jamie and Kevin Ferrante’s “Little Miracles.” Five years later, the family was excited to come back and catch up with their medical family. “They were so prepared [for the birth], they had drills, and they had teams. It made me feel so comfortable and confident. It put my mind at ease,” said Mrs. Ferrante.

 The quints took first-time parenting to a whole new level for Jamie and Kevin. “Everyone asks how we do it,” she said. “We never had just one baby, so five are the norm for us.”The norm being 40 diapers a day (close to 30,000 diapers over two years), 40 bottles a day, and seven cases of specialized formula a week, all coupled with too many sleepless nights to count.

 “There’s no playbook for quints, you have to go your own way,” said Mrs. Ferrante. “They had separate food schedules, different sleep schedules with all five crying to be held at the same time.” And, mom points out, one of the hardest things about having quintuplets is, “when one got sick – they all got sick.”

 Things have settled down a bit at the Ferrante’s in the five years since the quints were born. They are going to kindergarten, and instead of cases of formula and diapers, Jamie and Kevin are buying cases of eggs, gallons of milk and countless amounts of crayons. “We rarely get a moment of rest. I’ve got five times the gray hair, but I get five times the love,” said Mrs. Ferrante.

 To learn more about the Ferrante Quintuplets, visit http://www.ferrantequints.com.

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