Five ways to deliver superior patient experiences

One of the most basic human needs is to connect with one another.

Making a connection so that every moment and interaction matters is how we exceed expectations to deliver a quality patient and customer experience. Here are five things to consider.

1. Culture supersedes everything

Our employees make the difference! Focus on the expressed and unexpressed wishes and needs of others. At Northwell Health, we describe this through the Culture of C.A.R.E., our promise to patients and families. This is grounded in our principles of Connectedness, Awareness, Respect and Empathy. Take time to connect and build meaningful relationships in order to develop trust and rapport.

2. Think patient-centric

Strengthen processes through partnership. Patients want quality care, and they want to be seen and heard. Listen to the “voice” of our patients and families, seek their input, include them in every decision and continuously collaborate. Together we can design and deliver experiences our patients and customers desire.

3. Promote hospitality and healing

Notice the word “hospital” is in “hospitality” — caring for people is at the heart of what we do. First impressions make lasting impressions. Check your environment — is it warm, welcoming, clean and clutter-free? Are food and a quiet atmosphere part of the healing process? We should welcome patients and families into our facilities the same way you would welcome family and friends into your home...with respect, compassion and love.

4. An accountability focused structure

Patient experience is not just a “nice thing to do.” It’s tied to outcomes, quality and safety. Everyone plays a role in owning the patient and customer experience at all levels. Whether you are working in a clinical, nonclinical or corporate setting, everything you do impacts the delivery of a superior patient and customer experience.

5. It's all about consistency

It only takes one person to make or break an experience. The key to any positive, hassle-free experience is consistency. It’s our job to make sure the experience for our patients and families is exceptional — every time. Your dedication, enthusiasm and ability to consistently role model and motivate others on delivering an exceptional experience, plays an important role in making every moment matter.

Sven Gierlinger is vice president and Northwell Health's chief experience officer, responsible for building an engaging, innovative and collaborative culture that drives organizational growth and customer loyalty through the customer experience. He has immeasurable hospitality experience, including leadership positions in the Henry Ford Health System and with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.