Five keys to choosing where to have surgery

Choosing where to have surgery can be just as important as having the procedure itself. Follow these tips when selecting a surgical center.

There are a lot of options when it comes to surgery. In Glen Cove, for example, individuals who need general surgical care — laparoscopic surgery, hernia repair, gallbladder removal, appendectomy, and colorectal and diverticulitis surgery — can utilize Glen Cove Hospital.  

It's an important decision. Here are some things to consider when selecting where to have your surgery.

1. Select your surgeon

Your decision about where to have surgery should start with selecting a surgeon. The right surgeon will have skill and experience, and also answer your questions and make you feel at ease. 

2. Think small

Find out if the facility offers laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive technique used for some surgeries that results in less scarring and minimal to no bleeding and requires a shorter recovery time than open surgery.

3. Consider the whole surgical team

Make sure the facility is equipped to handle the surgery, and anything that might come up. Glen Cove Hospital has the necessary support staff for these procedures, as well as highly trained specialists in the Intensive Care Unit and in the Anesthesiology Department.

4. Stay close to home

There’s more to consider than just the procedure. While many gastrointestinal surgical procedures allow you to come home the same day, you’ll often have a consultation before your surgery and a follow-up after you’ve had time to recover. If high-level surgery care is available near you, there are benefits to staying close to home.

5. Service matters

Choose a facility and a doctor who care about your entire experience. Glen Cove Hospital’s general surgery program strives to provide all patients with personalized care. 

John Cosgrove, MD, is chief of surgery and director of surgical services at Glen Cove Hospital. He was previously chief of general surgery at Forest Hills Hospital.

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