Lenox Hill's program can help those suffering from knee and hip pain.

The fast track to recovery for hip and knee pain

When hip pain or knee pain gets serious, a joint replacement doesn't have to take a big bite out of your schedule.

Kyle Cashin is a serious athlete. He has participated in endurance sports for more than 22 years, including 19 Ironman competitions, 15 24-hour mountain bike races, five 50-mile runs and one run of 100 miles.

Years of intense activity took a toll, and arthritis gave the father and personal trainer hip pain and back aches.

He thought he could live with it. But after a rough bike ride with his son, when Mr. Cashin couldn't lift his leg high enough to climb onto his bike without assistance.

He soon scheduled an appointment with Matthew Hepinstall, MD, associate director of the Lenox Hill Hospital Center for Joint Preservation and Reconstruction, who recommended a hip replacement.

“Our fast-track joint replacement is a reimagining of what's possible,” said Dr. Hepinstall. “It resembles traditional hip or knee replacement in many ways, but a combination of many small improvements in care delivers extraordinary results." As a result, patients of all ages and stages get back on their feet sooner than they would with traditional procedures — sometimes on the same day as surgery.

Less-invasive surgical techniques, new pain-control methods that minimize side effects, and same-day physical therapy are some of the stand-out features. Recovery times vary based on the surgery and each patient’s condition, but a one- or two-day hospital stay is not unusual.

In fact, Mr. Cashin returned to work just two days after his surgery and was back to enjoying pain-free bike rides with his son within a week.

“My biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to get my lifestyle back,” Mr. Cashin said. “Not only did it come back — it’s better than ever.”

Fast-track joint replacement got Kyle Cashin back on the road quickly.

Could a hip or knee replacement be in your future?

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