Promising Breast Cancer Treatment

NEW HYDE PARK, NY – A recent report showing the effectiveness of using Perjeta in combination with other breast cancer treatments to lengthen the life of a metastatic, Her2Nu breast cancer patient may allow this to become an option for more breast cancer patients, a New York oncologist says.

In an update on a previously-performed medical trial, when Perjeta (also known as pertuzumab) was combined with other drugs it was shown to increase a breast cancer patient’s lifespan by more than a year with no additional side effects. The FDA has approved this drug for patients who have not already used other forms of chemotherapy and have metastatic Her2Nu positive breast cancer. Her2Nu makes up about 15 percent of all breast cancers, says Jane Carleton, MD, associate chief of clinical affairs at the North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute, and those cancers can be more aggressive than other forms.

“I think this is going to change what the FDA does,” Dr. Carleton says. “So with this kind of strong, very, very positive result, I think it is likely that the FDA will revisit this and consider approving this for more patients who have metastatic breast cancer that is Her2Nu positive because the benefit of the drug is clearly huge.”


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