Southside Hospital Opens New Pediatrics, Medical/Surgical Units

one of the new Southside Hospital private medical/surgical rooms.

To provide a more comfortable and healing environment for Southside Hospital’s pediatric and medical/surgical patients, the hospital opened  new pediatric and medical/surgical units on November 1.

The units, located on the hospital’s 4 Brackett pavilion, feature spacious private rooms with bathrooms. The pediatric unit has a nautical theme, featuring a ship at the nursing station and deep sea view in the playroom. There are six pediatric patient rooms that all feature sleeper couches that open  up to allow parents/guardians to spend the night. These rooms also have two television sets, so parents and children can both relax as they choose. There are also computers in each room for the family’s usage and a dedicated pediatric isolation room.

In the new medical/surgical area, each of the nine rooms have monitored beds with the latest medical technology. These rooms have different design inspirations, including the beach and a desert, designed to help patients relax and heal.

“In creating these new units, we recognized the importance of having a healing environment where patients feel less like they are in a hospital and  more at ease,” said Donna Moravick, NP, executive director of Southside Hospital. “And especially in the pediatric unit, we wanted to provide a chance for parents to comfortably stay with their children without worrying about going home to shower or sleep.”

For more information about these units, call 631-968-3000.


Alexandra Zendrian
[email protected]