South Oaks Hospital Starts Several New Support Groups

To better serve mental and behavioral health issues in the community, South Oaks Hospital is offering nine new support groups.

These groups include anger management; mental health and addiction, otherwise known as co-occurring; dialectical behavioral therapy; family/significant other support; gambling; support for health care professionals; men/women; spirituality and suboxone maintenance. There is also a community support group called Bridging the Gap, which helps family members and loved ones of people who are in recovery from substance use disorder.

“There are so many issues that people on Long Island and around our area suffer with and we want to offer them as much help and resources as possible,” said Lenny Nartowicz, executive director of South Oaks Hospital in Amityville. “Thus we created these new support groups.”

For more information about these support groups, call 631-608-5610.