From Scrubs to Fatigues: Lenox Hill Nursing Assistant Deployed

Days before deploying to Djibouti, Africa with the U.S. Navy, Nursing Assistant Davon Gass' colleagues surprised him with a send-off gathering to wish him safety during his upcoming year of duty.

The 24-year-old Atlanta native joined the Navy when he was 19. 

"I was super motivated to get out of my mother's house and be on my own and be independent," he said.

At the time, health care was the last thing Davon thought he would end up doing, up until he had to pick a trade to learn in the Navy. 

"And the trade that I so happened to pick at the time was the medical trade," the Navy corpsman said. "And when they actually taught it I thought, 'this is great because this fits me.' It’s just something I’m good at, because I’ve always been empathetic." 

While in the Navy reserves Davon found work in Florida, before making his way to New York City and Lenox Hill Hospital. He works on a floor with patients recovering from neurosurgery. He said these patients need a lot of empathy and a lot patience. Dozens of his colleagues showed their appreciation for the caring spirit he brings to work every day with hugs and well wishes at his send-off event. 

"I love it," he said of his job at Lenox Hill Hospital. "It’s a blessing. This is a great floor, great bosses and great people."

Davon plans to return to his job at Lenox Hill Hospital in September 2017.