New Ambulance Fleet to Decrease Noise and Increase Patient Safety

Lead EMT Christopher Caputo demonstrates the new power-assisted stretcher system equipped in Staten Island University Hospital’s new fleet of ambulances.

As the Fleet Week ships steam out of New York Harbor, a new fleet of ambulances rolls out on the streets of Staten Island. Funded by appropriations received through the New York City Council and the Staten Island Borough President’s Office, the ambulances function as part of the 911 system.

Staten Island University Hospital’s (SIUH) five new ambulances, fueled by City of New York appropriations, will be operating on gasoline rather than diesel combustion engines to reduce noise in our community. The new vehicles also feature benefits for patients and crews.

There’s up and down power loading and unloading of patients from the rear of the vehicle reducing the risk of strains and back injuries for EMTs and Paramedics, while adding comfort for patients. The power load stability platform and trolley systems load and unload patients up to 700 pounds and allow for single operator use.
More workers are injured in the healthcare sector than any other; citing health professionals sustain more than four times as many musculoskeletal injuries than any other field, according to The Office of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
The purchase of the vehicles dates from a City of New York fiscal year 2012 award sponsored by then Borough President James P. Molinaro, then NYC Councilman District 50 James S. Oddo, now Staten Island Borough President, as well as NYC Councilman, Steven Matteo, District 50, and NYC Councilwoman, Debbie Rose, District 49.
“Our EMS providers are our frontline staff when emergencies occur in the community and important ambassadors to our patients and their families," said Donna Proske, RN, SIUH’s executive director. “Providing   advanced tools to respond to calls with the best resources available is imperative to their safety and their patients,” she said.
The ambulances are scheduled to be on patrol in June.

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