Huntington Hospital Gets New Breast Surgical Tools

Huntington Hospital’s cancer services division has added two more cutting-edge innovations in the area of breast surgery – the MarginProbe device and the Hologic Trident unit.

For patients who have lumpectomies, it’s important to make sure that the edges, or margins, of the removed tissue are free of cancer cells. If not, more tissue needs to be removed.

“The chance of a positive margin can be as high as 25 percent, which requires a second trip to the operating room for many women,” said Erna Busch-Devereaux, MD, chief of breast surgery at Huntington Hospital.

With the MarginProbe, breast surgeons can scan the edges of the lumpectomy specimen to see if more tissue needs to be removed while still in the operating room, which significantly lowers the chance of requiring a second surgery.

Patients who have surgical biopsies often have marker clips in their breasts that were placed at the time of the needle biopsy. During the surgery, an X-ray is taken of the removed tissue to verify that the marker clip (and therefore the abnormality) has been removed.

Before using the Hologic Trident, the typical process nationally was to send tissue to the radiology department for the X-ray, which added time to the surgical procedure. With this new device in the operating room, surgeons can take specimen X-rays and have an immediate confirmation by seeing the images themselves.

The Hologic Trident was purchased through the help of a generous donation from Helen Matuz, a breast cancer survivor.

Alexandra Zendrian
[email protected]