Glen Cove Hospital Gets Energy Star Recognition for Eighth Consecutive Year

Glen Cove Hospital has received the EPA’s Energy Star designation.

For the eighth straight year, Glen Cove Hospital has received the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star designation, which is given for having a high level energy efficiency.

Energy Star hospitals tend to use 20 percent less energy and emit 20 percent less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than other hospitals. Some of the ways Glen Cove Hospital is able to do this is by using high efficiency

LED lights and replacing equipment to meet the highest energy efficiency standards.

This designation was made possible through various efforts and dedication from the hospital’s leadership team as well as its engineering staff.

“This Energy Star status helps the hospital to minimize its carbon footprint and be energy efficient while also lowering the hospital’s energy costs,” said Susan Kwiatek, DNP, executive director of Glen Cove Hospital. “Thanks to all who have made this a priority at the hospital.”

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