Dolan Family Health Center Is Recognized as First Breastfeeding-Friendly Practice on Long Island

The Dolan Family Health Center was recently recognized by the New York State Department of Health as the first breastfeeding friendly practice on Long Island and in New York City.

Led by Debbie Hernandez, NP, the Dolan Family Health Center’s staff developed a procedure that ensures mothers and their babies treated at the health center get vital information about the importance of breastfeeding including helpful tips and best practices.

The Dolan Family Health Center has ob/gyn and pediatric caregivers who are certified in breastfeeding education and can promote and support women and their babies throughout the breastfeeding process. Women can also receive care from a certified lactation consultant at the health center.

“It is well established that breast milk and breastfeeding offers infants the best nutrition; enhances their immunity and their intelligence; and creates a strong bonding experience between mother and child,” explained William Gehrhardt, MD, medical director of the Health Center. “The Dolan Family Health Center consistently strives toward offering patients the highest standard of care and encourages best practices. Becoming a breastfeeding friendly practice just seemed like the right thing to do. Much effort and team work went into obtaining this designation and the Dolan staff was very enthusiastic in working towards the goal. Their efforts are truly appreciated.”

For more information about the Dolan Family Health Center, call 631-425-5250.