Concierge Service Coming to Huntington Hospital

Dan Baier, head of the concierge program at Huntington Hospital, with volunteers Cris Colletta and Joan Way in the lobby of Huntington Hospital.

Walking through the doors at Huntington Hospital will feel more like a hotel experience once the concierge program begins in mid-October.

Concierge services will greet guests as they enter Huntington Hospital’s main entrance and lobby areas, and escort or assist them to their destination. A revamped front desk and front desk procedures in the lobby will expedite the flow of information as well.  

Additionally, within the next two months, an enhanced security measure will be put in place. Adult visitors will be asked to provide identification to generate a badge that they will wear throughout their time at the hospital.

“These improvements are part of a continuous focus on improving the healing environment for our patients and their loved ones,” said Randy Howard, vice president of operations at Huntington Hospital. “It’s important to us to make people feel welcomed and as relaxed as they can be entering Huntington Hospital. We also want to make people feel safe.”

Additional enhancements will include music being played from just outside the main entrance through the main lobby as well as within the cafeteria.

For more information on the Huntington Hospital concierge program, call 631-351-2000.


Alexandra Zendrian
[email protected]