Hear the latest dramatic and inspiring stories of Northwell Health’s patients, students and staff members via two health care-related podcasts: Health Story and Year One: Making an MD.

Health Story

Health Story is an audio exploration of patient experiences and the latest innovations and health trends.

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Telehealth: Digital connections deliver care

Telehealth brings the expertise of physicians and immediate medical evaluation to remote patients through the power of technology.

Hospital employee, 29, survives six brain aneurysms
After six brain aneurysms, including one that ruptured, Billy Borgdon Simmons returned to his position as patient family experience coordinator.

Long Island’s First Heart Transplant
The recipient of the first heart transplantation procedure on Long Island, Yvonne Flemming, and members of her medical team at North Shore University Hospital’s Sandra Atlas Bass Heart Hospital describe their shared experience. Yvonne's story may inspire to explore organ/tissue donation

Recovering from opioid addiction
Jonathan Allen endured and survived opioid addiction with the help of his family, therapy and outpatient treatment. 

Emergency Response to Puerto Rico
RN and EMT Eddie Reyes hails from Puerto Rico, which made Northwell’s medical mission to the hurricane-ravaged island personal.

Surgery and Faith Combine for Extraordinary Outcome
Nurses at Huntington Hospital were a critical element to Judy Lukas surviving brain cancer.

Two Strokes Before the Age of 30
Life-saving and continued care helped Queens-native Alexandra Adams recover and thrive from two strokes just months apart.

Road Map to Healthier Populations
Ram Raju, MD, Northwell’s community health investment officer, discusses health care disparities, social determinants of care and how to empower vulnerable populations.

Hyperbaric Therapy Heals
The cutting-edge treatment saved the foot of Lisa Longo, who also struggled with diabetes, kidney damage, osteomyelitis and sepsis.

A Sense of Purpose
Listen to conservations with nurses highlighting the expertise and extraordinary commitment required of one of health care’s most demanding professions.

The Return
An innovative “fin” prosthetic allows Dan Lasko to swim with his kids again after the former Marine lost his leg in Afghanistan.

Year One: Making an MD

Year One: Making an MD pulls back the curtain on medical school, following four students entering the Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell as they navigate the long and arduous trek to a medical degree.

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