Plainview Hospital Launches Hospitalist Program

PLAINVIEW, NY – Plainview Hospital announced today it has started a hospitalist program in which patients are assigned a doctor responsible for their care during their hospital stay. The program will also eventually be expanding to Syosset Hospital , said Alan Mensch, MD, senior vice president of medical affairs at Syosset and Plainview hospitals, part of the North Shore-LIJ Health System.

A hospitalist doctor coordinates with a patient’s primary care physician and is a critical part of a patient’s care while they are in the hospital. The patient’s primary care physician will consult with the patient prior to enrolling them in the program; the process is similar to a doctor referring a patient to a specialist. Among the benefits of being treated by a hospitalist is that patients can be treated by a doctor whenever they need care and the length of their hospital stay can be decreased.

“Hospitalized medicine is becoming a specialized field,” said Dr. Mensch. “One of the advantages of having a hospitalist is they are immediately available to their patients in the hospital.  They are also able to assume other responsibilities, including teaching the resident staff, getting involved in hospital committees and supervising rounds.”

The Plainview hospitalist program is led by Saquib Ibrahim, MD ,director of the department of hospitalist services at Plainview. Before coming to Plainview in May, Dr. Ibrahim was part of the hospitalist team at Huntington Hospital for four years. Dr Ibrahim has worked prior to that as medical director of Healthcare Agency Upstate New York and chief of the department of medicine at WCA Hospital in Jamestown, New York.

“We keep doctors informed of the patient’s progress throughout their hospital stay,” Dr. Ibrahim said. “We treat them as if they are our own patients. When these patients are treated by a hospitalist, they are getting a certified physician who is trained and experienced in inpatient care. Among the many benefits of the hospitalists is the fact that we help to minimize the risk of complications and readmission. We work with the community healthcare providers to arrange a close follow-up after the patient has been discharged from the hospital to reevaluate the care of the patient by their physician.”

In addition to Dr. Ibrahim, there are two other full-time hospitalists and a handful of per diem employees assigned to the hospitalist program. Dr. Mensch said Plainview is already looking to expand the number of hospitalists because of the rising demand for the program since its inception in October. Dr. Mensch explained that when patients are discharged they will continue to see their primary care physician.

To contact the Plainview hospitalist program, call 516-719-3086.

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