PHHPC Approves Suffolk Cardiac Cath Labs

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December 9, 2016
PHHPC Approves Suffolk Cardiac Cath Labs

The Public Health and Health Planning Council on Thursday approved applications for two cardiac catheterization suites on Long Island's East End, despite the state Department of Health's recommendation that only one should be approved. Peconic Bay Medical Center, in Riverhead, and Southampton Hospital both applied for the certification, which allows the facilities to perform angioplasties. The Department of Health said the area could sustain cardiac catheterization at only one site because approval of both could jeopardize the ability of facilities within one hour of travel time of each other from performing at least 300 procedures. DOH recommended approval of Peconic Bay Medical Center's application because it could serve both the North Fork and the South Fork, it would build two cardiac catheterization labs, with one available for emergencies, and it would have a helipad for enhanced accessibility. DOH's recommendation was based upon a review performed by its staff and an ad hoc group from the Cardiac Advisory Committee, which is made up of cardiac surgeons and cardiologists from outside New York state. Peconic Bay's project will cost $42.8 million to add two cardiac catheterization laboratories, while Southampton Hospital is expected to spend $775,000 to add one cardiac catheterization lab. The decision now rests with state Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker.

December 8, 2016
State Health Council Approves 2 Cardiac Service Providers for Long Island

ALBANY- The state Public Health and Health Planning Council on Thursday approved construction for two cardiac catheterization services on eastern Long Island, despite the state Department of Health's repeated insistence that it was only safe for the community to have one.
The council's decision is not the final word. The two applications now head to state health commissioner Howard Zucker who will have final say over whether both Peconic Bay Medical Center and Southampton Hospital are allowed to establish cardiac catheterization programs less than 20 miles apart.
Officials from the Department of Health preferred the proposal from Peconic Bay, an affiliate of Northwell Health, because of its location.
Peconic Bay Medical Center's facility is in Riverhead, where Long Island forks, whereas Southampton Hospital is based on the South Shore of Suffolk County, roughly 18 miles east of Riverhead.
Having the facility at the joining of the two forks in Riverhead is "more centrally located for the majority of the population that would be accessing these providers," said Dan Sheppard, deputy commissioner of health.
Charles Abel, who represents the Department of Health, said rates for cardiac catheterization were decreasing in New York and across the country. The problem with having two, he said, is that there won't be enough cases at both facilities to ensure physician proficiency.
Still, the PHHPC approved both applications but added a condition that the health commissioner consult with the Cardiac Advisory Committee to review cardiac catheterization volumes in the region before he reached his conclusion.

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