Pesticides Could Lead to Autism

GREAT NECK, NY – A New York environmental medicine physician says the recent California study linking pesticides and autism is another reminder that people need to monitor and lessen their exposure to these chemicals.

“Pesticides can cause neurological problems and there’s growing evidence that it’s implicated in lower IQs in children whose mothers are exposed, and now [it’s believed] to be a cause of developmental delays and autism,” says Jacqueline Moline, MD, chair of population health for the North Shore-LIJ Health System and an environmental medicine physician. “It’s something that we really do need to think about going forward and how we should best use pesticides or use them sparingly or at least have greater awareness of them being used so people can avoid it.”

Dr. Moline suggests that people wash their fruits and vegetables thoroughly, particularly those with a thin outer skin. She also notes that people should think about the pesticides they use in their own homes to kill bugs. Whenever possible, non-chemical methods to limit insects should be used.

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