Patients to Get Quicker Access to Cancer Breakthroughs

Researchers at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), a world-class cancer research facility, recently joined forces with North Shore-LIJ’s Cancer Institute.

The affiliation will benefit from the investment of more than $120 million to help advance cancer therapeutics research, develop a new unit at the North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute’s Lake Success headquarters to support early-phase clinical studies of new cancer therapies, and recruit and train more oncology clinician-scientists.

“Integrating research scientists, clinical translational researchers and cancer clinicians will accelerate new cancer diagnostics and therapeutics to patients,” said Bruce Stillman, PhD, CSHL’s president and CEO.

“Bringing Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory scientists together with the Cancer Institute’s 200-plus academic oncologists and clinicians will transform our approach to cancer research and treatment,” said Michael Dowling, North Shore-LIJ’s president and CEO.

Furthermore, the joint effort will attract cancer researchers and clinicians to the region and form the basis for advanced-phase clinical trials to be available at North Shore-LIJ facilities and collaborating outside medical centers. Patients who receive care within the Cancer Institute network will benefit from increased access to these innovations.

The new clinical research collaboration distinguishes the North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute from other cancer centers for its ability to deliver new therapeutics to cancer patients while also meeting the comprehensive medical and surgical needs of those afflicted with and at risk for the disease. Every year, North Shore-LIJ cares for more than 16,000 new cancer cases, giving patients access to the services of more than 200 physicians in more than 25 subspecialties.

Combined Strength

Clinicians and researchers are working to better understand why some cancer patients respond well to certain treatments and some do not, said Daniel Budman, MD, director of translational research for North Shore-LIJ’s Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology.

“We’re recognizing more and more that cancer is not a monolithic disease,” Dr. Budman said. “A tremendous diversity of patients with different genetic backgrounds, ages and disease types comes to the Cancer Institute network. Integrating our resources with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory will allow researchers to determine patients’ genetics and how that could affect their response to a cancer type and to a particular drug.”

As one of the first research institutes to join the nation’s war on cancer in the early 1970’s, CSHL has made discoveries that have helped diagnose and treat cancer patients, including the discovery of the first human cancer gene in 1982. CSHL has been a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center since 1987 — the only one on Long Island.

“Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has developed a pipeline of preclinical drugs over the years,” said Dr. Budman. “Now, the Cancer Institute will be able to offer these potential breakthroughs to our patients.”

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