Optimism Helps Your Heart Health

Optimistic person
Optimistic person

VALLEY STREAM, NY – Being an optimistic person was shown in a recent University of Illinois study to have positive impacts on a person’s heart.

The study found that people who had a positive attitude and were optimistic were twice as likely to have a healthy heart than those who were pessimistic.

“Having a positive outlook on life, including having strong family, friend/social and good spiritual religious connections as well as an optimistic mindful outlook contributes to positive heart health and a person’s well-being too,” says David A. Friedman, MD, chief of heart failure services at Franklin Hospital. “The glass-half-full/gratitude mindset plus the natural antidepressant effects of continued regular physical fitness on a specific individualized level also helps with motivational improvement and benefits a person’s mind and heart too.”

Some things Dr. Friedman suggest people can do to become optimistic or be more positive include:

  • Having professional and personal goals
  • Making and keeping plans
  • Giving back to your community/volunteering
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