NS-LIJ Creates Spinal Center

Long Island Business News
November 13, 2014
NS-LIJ Creates Spinal Center
By: Claude Solnik 

The North Shore-LIJ Health System has created a Spine Center, an interdisciplinary group of doctors focusing on spinal care.

The system said the center won’t include a new office or building, but will essentially unite specialists under one umbrella, even if they work at various locations.

The new center will include 10 physicians specializing neurosurgery, orthopedics and physiatry, a type of rehabilitation focusing on muscle, bone and nerves.

“Because spinal care can encompass so many different disciplines, it can mean people are sent to multiple healthcare providers before a diagnosis is even established,” said Dr. Jason Lipetz, the system’s division chief of spine medicine.
He said the North Shore-LIJ Spine Center would provide “one-stop shopping” for comprehensive spinal care.”

The system said the doctors in the center will work closely with neurologists, rheumatologists, imaging specialists, physical therapists and psychologists.

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