North Shore-LIJ to Add Imaging Clinic

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015
NS-LIJ to Add Imaging Clinic

North Shore University Hospital plans to build a $13 million Article 28 imaging extension clinic to provide radiology and outpatient radiology-related surgeries in Smithtown, L.I., according to a certificate-of-need application filed with the state Department of Health. The 10,200-square-foot site will include MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan and diagnostic equipment to detect breast cancer. Surgery services will include biopsies that use imaging technology to target tumors. In Suffolk County, “there’s a need for both additional quantity of services as well as raising the bar in terms of quality of services available,” said Cynthia Kubala, North Shore-LIJ’s vice president of imaging services. The health system’s radiology division has about 130 physicians in 13 subspecialties at seven outpatient sites. North Shore-LIJ will hire 23.5 full-time equivalent employees and add two radiologists related to the project. Construction will take eight months. About 11,000 visits are projected in its first year, 2016, with about 21,500 visits projected in 2018, according to the application. North-Shore LIJ is opening another imaging site in Huntington in June, and has proposed adding an additional $2.6 million MRI unit to its Syosset location, Ms. Kubala said

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