Northwell to Test Interventions for Deterring Opioid Use

Crain's Health Pulse
July 26, 2016

Northwell Health is partnering with the University of Pennsylvania and the Mayo Clinic to study the effectiveness of different methods of deterring ER patients from using opioids to treat pain upon release. The project will offer educational interventions to 1,200 patients who visit Northwell emergency departments with pain from kidney stones or lower-back pain -- conditions that are typically treated with opioids, but could also be treated with non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medication, according to the researchers. “We want to see whether people who understand the risk, and in particular their risk, will be less likely to choose an opioid as a pain reliever,” said Dr. Karin Rhodes, vice president of care management design and evaluation in Northwell’s Office of Population Health Management said in a statement. All participants will receive a questionnaire that assesses their personal risk-level for becoming addicted to opioids; some patients will also watch a video about someone who became addicted to opioids. The researchers are hypothesizing that people exposed to the narrative story will  take less opioid medication for fewer days without suffering more pain. The three-year study will be funded with $350,000 from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C.

Northwell Public Relations
July 25, 2016
Scientists Test Ways to Discuss Opioid Risks with ER Patients

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