Northwell Health Spins off Health Connect Software Venture


January 7, 2016
Northwell Spins off HealtH Connect Software Venture

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January 6, 2016
Northwell in IT Venture

Northwell Health formed a joint venture with a Manhattan population-health company that demonstrated an ability to prevent "leakage" of patients out of the system's ambulatory network. Newport Health Solutions, led by former investment banker Sophia Teng, will maintain majority ownership in the new company, which is called Health Connect Technologies. The software application serves several functions: referral management, care coordination, and data analytics and reporting. The software has been piloted at Lenox Hill Hospital for the past 18 months, winning praise from hospital administrators for reducing readmissions and boosting utilization of its ambulatory care networks. Thomas Thornton, executive director of Northwell Ventures, said the referral process is "is a system that is right now done through interpersonal relationships and a wide variety of health best practices." With Health Connect, he added, "the system is automating that capability." Teng, Newport Health's president and chief executive, said the finding a clinical partner has been key to the company's development. "Instead of raising money first, like a lot of the new platforms, we went out to find a good partner we could collaborate with," she said. The challenge for earlier-stage companies "is to tap into health systems and have access and be able to demonstrate value."

January 5, 2016
Newport Health, Northwell Health Form Health Connect Technologies to Spur Population Health Efforts

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