North Shore University Hospital Recognized for Gynecological Surgery Expertise

Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery team

MANHASSET, NY – North Shore University Hospital announced today it has been designated as an Academic Center of Excellence for minimally invasive surgery in gynecologic oncology and gynecology by the American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery (AIMIS).  North Shore University Hospital joins LIJ Medical Center as one of only 28 Centers of Excellence in the country to achieve this designation -- and only one of four centers in New York State.

“For North Shore University Hospital to receive this prestigious accreditation from AIMIS shows that we have a deep commitment to providing only the highest quality of care to all our female patients with state-of-the-art, minimally invasive and robotic surgical gynecologic expertise.” said Susan Somerville, executive director of North Shore University Hospital.”This is an occasion to take pride in our work and to rededicate ourselves to continue at this same high level in the future.”

AIMIS is the nation’s pre-eminent educator of advanced surgical techniques for women’s health specialists and recognizes hospitals and clinics that excel and provide leadership in leading-edge surgical techniques. A hospital or surgical center can be recognized as a Center for Excellence once it has combined efforts with an accredited AIMIS surgeon and meets AIMIS standards. Recognized institutions have made minimally invasive surgery a priority, which helps minimize recovery times and provide better patient outcomes. 

At North Shore University Hospital we have always taken great pride in our ability to provide our patients with the latest that technology offers in a safe, caring, professional environment,” said Michael Nimaroff, MD, vice chair and chief of gynecology at North Shore University Hospital. “We are fully committed to offering our patients the full range of minimally invasive and robotic surgical options that successfully treat a wide range of both benign conditions and gynecological cancers.”

North Shore University Hospital’s division of gynecologic oncology performed more gynecologic surgery procedures than any other hospital in New York State -- a total of 3,935 cases in 2011.  “It is because of our team of highly-trained gynecologists, urogynecologists, reproductive surgeons and gynecological oncologists that we have established a proven track record of positive surgical outcomes for women. We thank AIMIS for recognizing North Shore University Hospital with this highly sought-after accreditation,” said Dr. Nimaroff.

Minimally invasive surgery, whether laparoscopic or robotically assisted, is advancing healthcare for women by providing doctors new tools to accomplish the same goals as they would with traditional open surgery. Most patients undergoing minimally invasive procedures experience less pain and blood loss, decreased scarring, fewer complications, faster recovery and a decreased length of hospital stay.

AIMIS teaches and supports minimally invasive gynecological and urogynecological surgical methods while improving patient outcomes through advanced surgical techniques. The organization brings together hospitals, surgeons, clinics, medical technology companies, the insurance industry and patients by providing a platform to deliver advanced surgical procedures that improve health care for women of all ages.

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