Neurosurgical Team Treats Woman’s Rare Brain Malformation

Manhasset, NY – Jaspreet Kaur, 22, from Hicksville, NY, was successfully treated for a complex arteriovenous malformation (AVM) that had been growing inside her brain since birth by doctors Amir R. Dehdashti and Avi A. Setton at North Shore University Hospital (NSUH), a member of Northwell Health.

For as long as Ms. Kaur could remember, she had regular headaches and treated them with over-the-counter medications.  However, at the age of 21, those medications were no longer working.   She went to her primary care physician who recommended she undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scans of the brain.  The scans revealed a complex AVM, a vascular lesion which consists of an abnormal tangle of blood vessels and veins that had the   potential to cause a brain hemorrhage and major neurological complications.  Ms. Kaur said she was surprised to learn that the AVM had been growing inside her brain since birth.

She was referred to Dr. Dehdashti, NSUH’s director of cerebrovascular neurosurgery research for treatment of her AVM.

 “Ms. Kaur’s AVM was complex, located in a deep and important part of her brain region which is potentially important for memory, cognitive function and vision and surrounded by extremely important vessels responsible for the movement of her left side,” said Dr. Dehdashti. “It was crucial to preserve all the important neurological functions in this young patient. Three options were discussed: surgery (with endovascular embolization prior to surgery), Gamma Knife radio surgery or observation. It was decided to proceed with surgical resection of the AVM after embolization considering the patient’s young age, size and location of the AVM. In addition, this decision was made according to the patient’s wishes to eliminate the risk of brain hemorrhage in her lifetime.”

 The endovascular embolization was performed by Dr. Setton, NSUH’s director, interventional neuroradiology. After embolization, Dr. Dehdashti performed surgical resection of the AVM in September 2015.

In an embolization, a catheter is inserted into an artery in the leg and threaded through blood vessels to the brain, using x-ray imaging technology. The catheter is placed in one of the arteries feeding the AVM and embolizing agents are injected to block the artery and reduce blood flow into the AVM. Blocking off blood flow, allows for a safer surgical resection of the AVM.

Ms. Kaur’s AVM was successfully removed by craniotomy using skull base techniques. Dr. Dehdashti performed the surgery in NSUH’s modern hybrid operating room, which allows Dr. Setton to perform an intra-operative angiogram at the end of the resection, confirming the total removal of the AVM.  Ms. Kaur’s neurological exam was intact after the surgery including memory, vision and all movements. In addition, since her surgery, she no longer experiences headaches.

“Words are not enough to describe how I am feeling,” said Ms. Kaur.  “I am just so happy that I have been treated.  Dr. Dehdashti, Dr. Setton and their team are like a second family to me and they will always be a part of my life!”


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