North Shore University Hospital Implements New Intraoperative MRI Surgical System

MANHASSET, NY – North Shore University Hospital (NSUH) has upgraded its neurosurgical intraoperative MRI suite with the latest version of Medtronic’s Surgical MRI System, the PoleStar® N30, providing hospital neurosurgeons with the fastest and most up-to-date way to do real-time intraoperative imaging.

The hospital is one of only two medical centers in New York City and Long Island to offer brain surgery with real-time MRI during surgery -- and the first hospital on Long Island and New York City to install the PoleStar N30.

“This investment enables us to keep pace with the latest intraoperative MRI imaging technology,” said Alessandro Bellucci, MD, the hospital’s executive director.  “The newly upgraded equipment will enable our neurosurgeons to maintain navigational accuracy in the removal of brain tumors, enhancing patient outcomes.”

The implementation of the PoleStar N30 was spearheaded by Michael Schulder, MD, director of North Shore-LIJ’s Brain Tumor Center in Lake Success, NY.   Dr. Schulder is internationally recognized as the first neurosurgeon in North America (and the second in the world) to use the first generation of the PoleStar system. He has used it to perform over 600 brain tumor removal cases.  The PoleStar intraoperative MRI was created 15 years ago by and for neurosurgeons, for use in brain surgery.  Its compact size and mobility allow it to be used in a regular operating room, without disruption to surgical routine.

“The PoleStar N30 is the latest version of this innovative system,” said Dr. Schulder. “It is much smaller than its predecessor and weighs about 200 pounds less, making it much easier to use during brain surgery.  In addition, improvements to the MR imaging and software have made the images much clearer and also much faster to acquire than before.”

One of Dr. Schulder’s recent patients who benefited from the PoleStar N30 is 62-year-old Barry Strumph from Bayside, NY.  Mr. Strumph had surgery to remove his brain tumor and was delighted with the care he received saying, “Dr. Schulder and his team provided me with impeccable care, going above and beyond.  I am so grateful!”

For more information about North Shore-LIJ’s Brain Tumor Center, click here or call 516-941-1260.


About North Shore University Hospital:

North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset is one of the cornerstones of the North Shore-LIJ Health System, providing a full spectrum of clinical health care services for patients of all ages. It offers a wide range of specialty and subspecialty residency programs, postgraduate training programs and clinical fellowships for research and education. The 764-bed teaching hospital, located on the 58-acre Sandra Atlas Bass Campus, is academically affiliated with the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine and employs more than 6,000 highly trained physicians, nurses and other medical staff.





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