North Shore-LIJ Wants Its Employees Fit & Festive for the New Year

MANHASSET, NY – North Shore-LIJ Health System is launching a new wellness initiative to help its more than 60,000 employees stave off holiday weight gain and kick off healthy New Year’s resolutions.  

The health system is encouraging employees to sign up for its Fit & Festive Challenge, which runs from Nov. 23 through Jan. 3.  Employees can do the challenge solo or join teams of up to 11 members who will help keep each other accountable for healthy and unhealthy behaviors during the holiday season.

“It’s promoting a balance of your fit behaviors, which would be things like relaxation minutes, exercise minutes and current weight with things like festive behaviors, which are overindulging in extra-helpings, deserts and drinking high calorie holiday beverages,” said Michelle Milgrim, a registered dietitian and manager of health promotion for North Shore-LIJ.

The goal is to track at least one Fit & Festive activity four times a week so that employees stay accountable for their health actions.

Each week, team members can log their weight, time spent exercising and/or relaxing, and eating and drinking habits onto their employee myWellness profile online. Individual scores are averaged weekly to calculate the team score.

To sweeten the deal, employees can earn up to 250 points each week that they can use to redeem for gifts at the end of the challenge.

Fit & Festive is one of several initiatives that North Shore-LIJ will roll out through 2016 to improve the health and wellness of its employees. A stress management and walking challenge will take place during the spring and summer.

“Caring for our communities begins with caring for our employees.  As a result, we are creating fun and engaging ways to encourage our employees to make healthy choices aimed at improving their well being,” said Joe Moscola, senior vice president of Human Resources and chief Human Resources officer for North Shore-LIJ.

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