North Shore-LIJ Is Recognized for Transforming Its Practices through Technology

GREAT NECK, NY – The North Shore-LIJ Health System announced today it has been recognized as one of the six Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform (TIGER) Initiative Foundation’s exemplars for the health system staff’s use of a technology system that helps streamline efforts to provide better patient care.

 In 2009, the health system began implementing Knowledge Based Charting (KBC) throughout its facilities. This system allows multiple patient caregivers – from nurses to respiratory therapists to chaplains – to plan and document care in a patient’s chart in real-time and has improved patient care. KBC also lets a health professional highlight a certain aspect about a patient, such as heart disease, for each of the various caregivers to focus on. 

 “This is a documentation and communication tool that allows us to provide more efficient, effective care for our patients,” said Catherine Galla, RN, vice president of nursing initiatives for the North Shore-LIJ Health System. “We are honored to have been selected as one of the six exemplars of the TIGER Initiative Foundation and look forward to seeing how this system will continue to evolve and benefit our patients.”

One of the examples highlighted by TIGER was the health system’s use of findings from more than 330 North Shore-LIJ collaborative care councils to adopt KBC. The staff members at each health system site that is using this technology went through approximately 32 hours of training.

Before this system was being used, health care providers kept similar hand-written notes and sometimes they were in different places.

Additions are consistently being made to KBC, including the recent addition of bar-coded medication administration.

The TIGER Initiative Foundation, a 501©(3) group that focuses on advancing technology into healthcare, began in 2004 as the TIGER Initiative. It chose six health care organizations as exemplars of leaders in the use of technology and evidence to improve patient care. The full report, The Leadership Imperative:  TIGERs Recommendations for Integrating Technology to Transform Practice and Education can be accessed here.


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