North Shore-LIJ Recognized for Its Patient Safety Measures

National Patient Safety Foundation

GREAT NECK, NY – The North Shore-LIJ Health System’s efforts to create a streamlined process to accurately identify patients and give them the appropriate care has been honored by the National Patient Safety Foundation with the 2015 NPSF Stand Up for Patient Safety Management award.

Correct patient identification is an issue across the country. Often ambulatory facilities and inpatient settings do not use the same patient identification process, NPSF said. All North Shore-LIJ staff who have patient contact have been trained on the eight patient rights and eight critical process steps to help ensure that each patient receives the correct care. There have also been technological advances, such as a barcoding system for medication, to aid with patients receiving the proper medication and dosages.

“During every interaction with a patient, employees use these rights and steps to identify the patient, procedure and their right to participate in their care as well as clear up any potential discrepancies,” explained Anna Gaeta, RN, assistant director of quality management at North Shore-LIJ’s Institute for Clinical Excellence & Quality.

NPSF is recognizing North Shore-LIJ for its process that has been implemented throughout its hundreds of inpatient, ambulatory, clinical and non-clinical areas.

“Our staff take pride in North Shore-LIJ’s efforts to improve patient experience and using our program to standardize practices has allowed us to make significant strides in this area,” said Mark Jarrett, MD, North Shore-LIJ’s chief quality officer. “We have seen measurable improvement in ensuring our patients are receiving the care they need and deserve.”

North Shore-LIJ will be presented with this award during the 17th annual National Patient Safety Foundation Patient Safety Congress in Austin at the end of April.

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