North Shore-LIJ Receives $2M Federal Grant to Care for Children, Young Adults with HIV in Queens, Nassau

MANHASSET, NY -- North Shore-LIJ’s Center for Young Adult, Adolescent and Pediatric HIV Care and the Center for AIDS Research and Treatment (CART) announced today they have received a nearly $2 million, three-year federal grant from the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program to treat women, adolescents and children with HIV.

 The grant money will be used to continue to help facilitate access to care and provide support services to approximately 2,000 HIV-positive clients in Queens and Nassau counties. The North Shore-LIJ treatment programs developed a consortium of 17 other groups in Queens that can receive funding from this grant for client care and transportation. The Centers are presently working on creating a consortium in Nassau County which will also be able to coordinate with the Queens group.

 “In Queens, before we received the grant, there was very little collaborative care provided to these patients,” explained Dr. Vincent Bonagura, MD, associate chair of the Department of Pediatrics for Academic Development, chief of allergy and immunology at the North Shore-LIJ Health System, Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York, and an investigator in the Center for Immunology and Inflammation at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, and principle investigator for this new HRSA grant. He noted  that the first grant allowed the Centers to form the Queens consortium that is now working diligently to provide collaborative services for these patients and their families in Queens. “Now we can provide a much more comprehensive approach to caring for children, adolescents, women who are HIV positive and their families in Nassau County as well.”

 The centers previously received a five-year, $3.3 million grant in 2008. This is the first time a Ryan White grant has ever been issued for services in Nassau County.

 The Center for Young Adults and Adolescents last year worked with 113 HIV+ infants, children and adolescents patients, ranging in age from newborns to 24 years of age. CART provided care for 1,725 adults ages 18 or older in 2011. Through the consortium, North Shore-LIJ was able to serve 367 HIV-infected or affected people in Queens in 2011.

 For more information about the centers’ services, contact Community Liaison Anthony Palmer at 516-622-5194.
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