North Shore-LIJ Physicians Publish Abstract in Prestigious Neurosurgery Journal Regarding the “Lenox Bypass”

NEW YORK, NY – The division of neurosurgery at Lenox Hill Hospital  (LHH), part of the North Shore-LIJ Health System, in partnership with the New York Head and Neck Institute,  announced today that they have published an abstract in the prestigious journal, Neurosurgery, regarding a new type of intracranial bypass called the Lenox Bypass.  It is used to treat large brain aneurysms that cannot be treated by conventional means, as well as for patients who need cerebral blood flow augmentation to prevent stroke and brain tumor patients whose tumors involve large brain vessels that need to be replaced.

The abstract published in the March issue is entitled “Internal Maxillary Artery to Middle Cerebral Artery Bypass: Infratemporal Approach for Subcranial-Intracranial (SC-IC) Bypass,” and was co-authored by North Shore-LIJ physicians David Chalif, MD, FACS; Peter Costantino, MD, FACS; Amir Dehdashti, MD, FACS; Mark Eisenberg, MD; David J. Langer, MD; Erez Nossek, MD; Rafael Ortiz, MD; and Avi Setton, MD.

The Lenox Bypass was developed by Dr. Langer, LHH’s director, neurosurgery, and Dr. Costantino, North Shore-LIJ’s senior vice president, head and neck service line.

The published abstract in Neurosurgery attracted the attention of the neurosurgical staff at the Barrow Neurological Institute (BNI) in Phoenix, Ariz. The positive results of the safety and efficacy of the four cases performed at LHH made it appealing to the BNI staff that reached out to Dr. Costantino and Dr. Langer for consultation regarding a case they wished to perform on one of their BNI patients.

“We are delighted that as a result of our published work about the Lenox Bypass, it has attracted attention from such a prestigious institution as the Barrow Neurological Institute,” saidDr. Langer .  “We are excited to have paved the way for other neurosurgeons throughout the country to consider the Lenox Bypass as an alternative technique that offers a safer option for definitive treatment of brain aneurysms that can not be treated with traditional approaches.”

An intracranial bypass is a surgical procedure used to reroute blood around a blocked blood vessel in the brain to restore blood flow.  During an intracranial bypass, a small hole in the skull is made to expose the area of the brain that needs to be treated.  The neurosurgeon then takes a healthy blood vessel from outside the brain and connects it to a blood vessel inside the brain to reroute blood around an aneurysm, restoring blood flow. In some cases, an intracranial bypass can involve taking a vein or artery from the arm or leg and use it to direct blood around a blockage.

“Traditionally, intracranial bypasses were done by access of the neck to find the donor vessel to complete the bypass,” said Dr. Costantino.  “However, Dr. Langer and I have developed a new surgical approach so that the vessel graft is completely intracranial, avoiding the need to make a neck incision.  This new approach improves the safety and efficacy of the bypass.”

For more information about the Lenox Bypass, call 212-434-3900.

To view a video about the Lenox Bypass featuring one of LHH’s patients who benefited from the procedure, click here.

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