North Shore-LIJ Ob-Gyn Launches First-Ever Digital/Live Joint Journal Club at Major Medical Conference

MANHASSET, NY -- For the first time, using the latest in video technology, the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society hosted a live online Journal Club during its 2014 meeting. Using the Journal Club Live™ platform, the authors of one oral abstract and one poster, as well as fellows and professors, discussed cutting-edge research presented at this year’s meeting. 

 The technology for this platform was created by Steven Palter, MD, new media editor of Fertility and Sterility, fertility specialist and gynecology minimally invasive surgery fellowship co-director at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset.  Dr. Palter also served as moderator for the event.  Fertility and Sterility is a journal of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

  “We are very excited about this new digital expansion of what has been a mainstay of medical research and education, now taken to the 21st century as a powerful new teaching tool for physicians and patients,” Dr. Palter said. “And today, we are using this digital platform to enhance the traditional, in person medical conference.”

 The first-of-its-kind platform, called Journal Club Live!™, allows a journal article author to interact with medical educators, students and professionals through a real-time online video discussion about their articles. Journal Club Live!™ platform participants can submit questions through Twitter, a chat interface or the comment section on YouTube. The innovative platform was recently featured in Nature and Dr. Palter is currently taking requests from various medical and natural science journals to use this technology.

 This first-ever event at a major medical conference gave practicing clinicians, embryologists, academics, residents, REI fellows and students a chance to learn about new findings presented at PCRS 2014, even if they were not able to physically attend this year’s meeting. 

 The journal club was live-streamed on YouTube using technology from Google with custom modifications from the Journal Club Live™ platform. It is still open to comments and questions and free participation from anyone around the world.  The live footage has been archived and is still available online.

 Other than Dr. Palter, who moderated the event, 20 REI clinicians and embryologists presented from around the globe including Harvard University, Stanford University, the NIH, Europe, and India.  Over 200 international physicians participated.  Alex Quaas, MD, one of the participants and an Assistant Professor at Oklahoma University, said, “This video panel was even more effective in some ways than live panels at conferences. In this format, people really let their hair down and speak more openly about their opinions and work.”

 “We’re working to transform how medical research and education is done,” Dr. Palter said.  “Kudos to ASRM and PCRS for leading the way in expanding the reach of our traditional research and education. This session, hosted at a leading medical conference, is now available to medical professionals from around the world.” 


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