The Future Is Now For Critical Care Patients

A North Shore-LIJ Health System eICU specialist working with a patient.

SYOSSET, NY – The North Shore-LIJ Health System today announced the launch of its eICU program for critical care, providing ICU bedside teams with 24/7 remote specialist support.  North Shore-LIJ is the only health system in the New York metropolitan area to have a telemedicine ICU (eICU) program.

This program is being rolled out initially at Franklin and Southside hospitals in December. Additional ICUs will be added in 2015.

In a recent study of 118,990 critical care patients over a five-year period, compared to those receiving usual ICU care, patients who received their ICU care from a hospital that utilized the eICU program were:

  • 26% more likely to survive the ICU;
  • Discharged from the ICU 20% faster;
  • 16% more likely to survive hospitalization and be discharged;
  • Discharged from the hospital 15% faster.

The eICU program is a comprehensive technology and clinical reengineering program that enables health care professionals at North Shore-LIJ’s Center for Emergency Medical Services telehealth center in Syosset to support the bedside staff to provide around-the-clock care for critically ill patients. The eICU program utilizes bi-directional audio/video technology, population management tools, clinical decision support, real-time and retrospective reporting tools and targeted process redesign.  A high resolution camera located in the patient room, along with a video monitor showing the remote clinicians, provides two-way video communications.  There is also a microphone and speaker in the patient’s room to allow direct conversation between the eICU team, the bedside care providers and the patient or family.

Because an intensivist or other bedside ICU staff member can only be in one place at a time, the eICU team can also help the staff in the hospital to keep watch over the entire population of critical care patients. The program’s telehealth center is staffed by dedicated critical care nurses, intensivists and support associates, as well as a medical director and operations director.

“The eICU Program is a safety net for patients and their families, allowing a remote team of skilled medical professionals to provide 24/7 support of the bedside staff  in the ICU,” said Martin Doerfler, MD, senior vice president of clinical strategy and development at the North Shore-LIJ Health System.  “We are eager to deliver to our patients and their families the clinical benefits that the eICU can yield.”




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