North Shore-LIJ Epilepsy Center Is 1st on LI to Offer Newest Device to Stimulate Vagus Nerve

MANHASSET, NY – The Comprehensive Epilepsy Care Center at North Shore-LIJ’s  Cushing Neuroscience Institute (CNI), is the first center on Long Island to offer the newest version of Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) Therapy. The AspireHC ™ (High Capacity) generator, used for the treatment of refractory epilepsy, was implanted in a 23- -year-old female patient from Hicksville, Long Island.

Ashesh Mehta, MD, director of epilepsy surgery at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Care Center, said, “VNS Therapy is an effective, safe option for epilepsy patients who are not achieving satisfactory seizure control from medications. Because this newest model of the vagus nerve stimulator has the longest battery life of any VNS Therapy device, replacement of the generator can take place less frequently for patients who are on higher doses of stimulation. In addition, the AspireHC, which is about the size of a small pocket watch, will provide improved quality of life benefits for VNS Therapy patients.”

Dr. Mehta explained that implantation is a short outpatient procedure lasting one to two hours.  The stimulator is implanted in the patient’s left chest area, where a thin flexible wire (lead) sends mild stimulation to the left vagus nerve in the neck automatically at regular intervals.

About CNI’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Care Center:

The Comprehensive Epilepsy Care Center is a truly integrated and multidisciplinary endeavor, with epilepsy doctors, nurses, pharmacists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, social workers, technical staff and an administrative team, all working together to provide care and support for both adult and pediatric epilepsy patients. It is the largest and most comprehensive program on Long Island for the evaluation and medical and surgical treatment of epilepsy in children and adults. Patients and families benefit from a unique and multidisciplinary model of care, integrating the expertise of clinical staff and the availability of cutting-edge technology to enable accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and improved quality of life.  For more information about the Comprehensive Epilepsy Care Center, go to or call (516) 325-7060.

About Cyberonics, Inc. and the VNS Therapy® System

Cyberonics, Inc. is a medical technology company with core expertise in neuromodulation. The company developed and markets the VNS Therapy System, which is FDA-approved for the treatment of refractory epilepsy and treatment-resistant depression. The VNS Therapy System uses a surgically implanted medical device that delivers electrical pulsed signals to the vagus nerve. Cyberonics markets the VNS Therapy System in selected markets worldwide.

Additional information on Cyberonics and the VNS Therapy System is available at

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