North Shore-LIJ Donates Ambulance

Donation of an ambulance to Foundation for Community Assistance

The Foundation for Community Assistance (FUPAC), which provides services such as medical assistance in the Dominican Republic, will soon have an ambulance donated by the North Shore-LIJ Health System. The suggestion of the donation came from Rita Obregon, assistant director of performance improvement in pathology at North Shore University Hospital, after she spent two days last October volunteering for FUPAC and helping to treat about 2,000 patients in two days. Ms. Obregon contacted the health system’s Center for Emergency Medical Services (CEMS) and asked if it could spare an ambulance for FUPAC to use in the future. As luck would have it, Paul Power, CEMS assistant director of operations, had a surplus van available that was fully functional. He stocked it with basic medical equipment, and repainted it with FUPAC and “donated by North Shore-LIJ.” Ms. Obregon anticipates that the ambulance will be received in the next few weeks.


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