North Shore-LIJ Cancer Ad Campaign

Crain’s Health Pulse
May 7, 2013
North Shore-LIJ Cancer Ad Campaign

There is a new entry in the competitive niche of consumer advertising for hospitals. The North Shore-LIJ Health System launched a $4 million marketing campaign yesterday for its new Cancer Institute. Last month, the system announced that it will spend $175 million to expand cancer services, open new cancer treatment centers and make the North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute a systemwide cancer care brand (Pulse, April 12). The ad campaign supports the new center by targeting both consumers and clinicians who can refer cancer patients. It is running on broadcast and cable networks (click here and here to see the TV ads), with a print version appearing in The New York Times Magazine and community newspapers. The campaign, developed by Pittsburgh-based Gatesman+Dave, also has a digital advertising component and will run on Long Island Rail Road platform posters and train ads. The North Shore-LIJ Cancer Institute also launched a website,
Marketing Daily
May 8, 2013
North Shore-LIJ: Giving Cancer Cancer

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