A Non-Addictive Painkiller? It May Be In Our Future

SYOSSET, NY – A recent Nature journal study of a medication that seemed to suppress pain in mice without causing an addiction to the drug is a promising step toward finding the same substance for humans.

“This is the golden ring of pain management,” said John Stamatos, MD, director of pain management at Syosset Hospital. “Having a compound that treats all different types of pain without addictive or sedative effects would change medicine forever.”

Dr. Stamatos points out that researchers have been looking for a medication such as this since morphine was discovered in the 19th century. The growing number of pain killer and other drug addictions has changed the way medicine is practiced and medications are prescribed.

“It would be great if this new substance could work just on the pain receivers and not any other receptor that opioids work on,” Dr. Stamatos said. “Time will tell.”

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