New Yorkers Shouldn’t Fear Ebola

GREAT NECK, NY – The first case of the Ebola virus in New York City has incited some fear that this could become more widespread, but a New York physician says New Yorkers should go about their daily lives with confidence that they cannot readily catch Ebola.

Ebola transmission occurs through contact with bodily fluids and typically people who are not exhibiting symptoms are not contagious, explains Mark Jarrett, MD, chief quality officer at the North Shore-LIJ Health System.

“It’s very unlikely that anybody who came in casual contact with the physician diagnosed with Ebola at Bellevue has any real risk of catching Ebola,” Dr. Jarrett says. “Ebola is not really contagious early on in the disease and is certainly not contagious with just casual contact. It really requires contact with body fluids.”

Some steps people can take to prevent getting the Ebola virus or any other infectious disease include:

•  Washing your hands thoroughly

•  Using antibacterial hand gel 

•  Not touching your eyes, mouth or nose with unclean hands.

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