New York Magazine Lists 147 “Best Docs” from North Shore-LIJ

NY Magazine Best Doctors

A record total of 147 physicians affiliated with the North Shore-LIJ Health System were listed this week in the 18th edition of New York magazine’s annual “New York’s Best Doctors” issue. Of the 147 North Shore-LIJ physicians listed in the magazine, 55 were selected from Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, and another 13 from its Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital.

The cumulative total represents the largest number of North Shore-LIJ physicians selected by the magazine since it began publishing its “Best Doctors” edition. The list is compiled based on peer-review surveys conducted by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., a New York-based research and information company.

This year’s edition of New York magazine listed a total of 1,282 physicians with 64 different specialties from all five boroughs and surrounding areas. Below is a breakdown of the 147 North Shore-LIJ physicians by hospital affiliation and clinical specialty.

To find a North Shore-LIJ physician, go to or call 1-888-321-DOCS.

Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York (17)                    Specialty

Suchitra S. Acharya                                                                Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Mark P. Atlas                                                                          Pediatric Hematology-Oncology

Martin G. Bialer                                                                      Clinical Genetics

Vincent R. Bonagura                                                              Pediatric Allergy & Immunology

Maruice J. Chianese                                                                Pediatrics

Rubin S. Cooper                                                                     Pediatric Cardiology

Stephen E. Dolgin                                                                   Pediatric Surgery

Martin M. Fisher                                                                     Adolescent Medicine

Carmel A. Foley                                                                      Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Graeme R. Frank                                                                     Pediatric Endocrinology

Jordan S. Gitlin                                                                       Pediatric Urology

Beth S. Gottlieb                                                                      Pediatric Rheumatology

James F. Markowitz                                                                Pediatric Gastroenterology

Joseph Maytal                                                                         Child Neurology

Angela Romano                                                                      Pediatric Cardiology

Lorry G. Rubin                                                                       Pediatric Infectious Disease

 Lee P. Smith                                                                          Pediatric Otolaryngology

Huntington Hospital (2)                                                        Specialty

David E. Rivadeneira                                                             Colon & Rectal Surgery

Michele N. Baltus                                                                   Family Medicine

Lenox Hill Hospital (55)                                                        Specialty

Sanjay Bakshi                                                                         Pain Medicine

Steven Beldner                                                                       Hand Surgery

Olga Belostotsky                                                                    Rheumatology

Stephanie F. Bernik                                                                Surgery

Fabien D. Bitan                                                                       Orthopedic Surgery

Alfio Carroccio                                                                       Vascular Surgery

Peter D. Costantino                                                                Otolaryngology

Maria V. DeVita                                                                     Nephrology

Sudhir A. Diwan                                                                     Pain Medicine

Wendy Edwards                                                                     Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Marty Ellington Jr                                                                   Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

Eric D. Flisser                                                                         Reproductive Endocrinology

Sandra N. Gelbard                                                                  Internal Medicine

Gary Giangola                                                                         Vascular Surgery

Michele S. Green                                                                    Dermatology

Gregory B. Haber                                                                   Gastroenterology

Gady Har-El                                                                           Otolaryngology

Elliot B. Hershman                                                                 Sports Medicine

Gary M. Horbar                                                                      Internal Medicine

Stuart D. Katchis                                                                    Orthopedic Surgery

Arnold Komisar                                                                      Otolaryngology

Dennis H. Kraus                                                                     Otolaryngology

Thomas A. Lallas                                                                    Gynecologic Oncology

David J. Langer                                                                      Neurological Surgery

Richard S. Lazzaro                                                                 Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery

Steven J. Lee                                                                           Orthopedic Surgery

Randy L. Levine                                                                     Hematology

Joseph C. Licata                                                                      Pediatrics

Steven Mandel                                                                        Neurology

David M. Matusz                                                                    Orthopedic Surgery

Bushra A. Mina                                                                       Pulmonary Disease

Souhel Najjar                                                                          Neurology

Stephen J. Nicholas                                                                 Orthopedic Surgery

Stuart I. Orsher                                                                       Internal Medicine

Nirav C. Patel                                                                         Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery

Jason Penzer                                                                            Colon & Rectal Surgery

Daniel B. Polatsch                                                                  Hand Surgery

Elizabeth A. Poynor                                                                Gynecologic Oncology

Carl D. Reimers                                                                      Interventional Cardiology

David H. Robbins                                                                   Gastroenterology

Jose A. Rodriguez                                                                   Orthopedic Surgery

Robert J. Rosen                                                                       Vascular & Interventional Radiology

Neil S. Roth                                                                            Sports Medicine

Shereen H. Russell                                                                  Obstetrics & Gynecology

David B. Samadi                                                                    Urology

Stephen Scharf                                                                        Nuclear Medicine

Mark B. Schiffer                                                                     Cardiovascular Disease

Aruna M. Seneviratne                                                             Sports Medicine

Ebrahim S. Shahim                                                                 Obstetrics & Gynecology

Howard Sobel                                                                         Dermatology

Suzanne R. Steinbaum                                                            Cardiovascular Disease

Ranjit Suri                                                                               Cardiac Electrophysiology

Lon S. Weiner                                                                         Orthopedic Surgery

Jennifer L. Wu                                                                        Obstetrics & Gynecology

Bruce H. Yaffe                                                                       Internal Medicine

Long Island Jewish Medical Center (9)                                          Specialty

Douglas K. Frank                                                                    Otolaryngology

L. Michael Graver                                                                   Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery

Cynthia L. Harden                                                                  Neurology

Louis R. Kavoussi                                                                   Urology

Gregg S. Landis                                                                      Vascular Surgery

Geraldine M. Lanman                                                             Geriatric Medicine

David N. Siegel                                                                      Vascular & Interventional Radiology

Ira J. Udell                                                                              Ophthalmology

David Wertheim                                                                     Allergy & Immunology

Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital (13)                   Specialty

Richard E. Braunstein                                                             Ophthalmology

David R. Edelstein                                                                 Otolaryngology

Jordan S. Josephson                                                                Otolaryngology

Darius Kohan                                                                          Otolaryngology

Lisa A. Liberatore                                                                   Otolaryngology

Boaz J. Lissauer                                                                      Ophthalmology

Phillip J. Miller                                                                        Otolaryngology

William M. Schiff                                                                   Ophthalmology

Richard F. Spaide                                                                   Ophthalmology

Laurence TD Sperber                                                              Ophthalmology

Ian S. Storper                                                                          Otolaryngology

Frederick A. Valauri                                                               Plastic Surgery

Milton Waner                                                                          Otolaryngology

Northern Westchester Hospital (29)                                                   Specialty

Anna Alshansky                                                                      Child Neurology

David J. Berck                                                                         Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Scott B. Berger                                                                       Neuroradiology

Sergio Bures                                                                            Pulmonary Disease

Gregg L. Caporaso                                                                  Neurology

Marvin A. Chinitz                                                                   Gastroenterology

Margaret A. Collins                                                                Pediatrics

Alyssa Dweck                                                                         Obstetrics & Gynecology

Jonathan S. Goldberg                                                             Medical Oncology

Lewis J. Kass                                                                          Pediatric Pulmonology

Jeffrey L. Keller                                                                      Pediatric Otolaryngology

Sharon Krieger                                                                        Internal Medicine

Ross S. Levy                                                                           Dermatology

Maud L. Lemercier                                                                 Surgery

Mark E. Lieb                                                                           Cardiovascular Disease

Bella M. Malits                                                                       Pain Medicine

Craig S. Osleeb                                                                       Allergy & Immunology

Jeffrey S. Powell                                                                     Endocrinology, Diabetes &


John T. Raffalli                                                                       Infectious Disease

Douglas A. Roth                                                                     Plastic Surgery

Martin Saltzman                                                                      Nephrology

Alan J. Schefer                                                                        Hand Surgery

John C. Scott                                                                          Otolaryngology

Seth P. Shifrin                                                                         Sports Medicine

Eric W. Small                                                                          Sports Medicine

Albert Szabo                                                                           Neurology

Alfred Tinger                                                                          Radiation Oncology

Margaret E. Vaughan                                                              Geriatric Medicine

Jerald D. Wishner                                                                   Colon & Rectal Surgery

North Shore University Hospital (12)                                  Specialty 

Steven L. Allen                                                                       Hematology

Stuart Jay Beldner                                                                  Cardiac Electrophysiology

David G. Edelson                                                                   Internal Medicine

Marcia E. Epstein                                                                    Infectious Disease

James C. Fagin                                                                        Pediatric Allergy & Immunology

Lawrence R. Glassman                                                           Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery

Alan R. Hartman                                                                     Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery

Andrew A. Jacono                                                                  Otolaryngology

Barry M. Kaplan                                                                     Interventional Cardiology

Lyle S. Leipziger                                                                     Plastic Surgery

George Raptis                                                                         Medical Oncology

Peter D. Stein                                                                          Hand Surgery

Phelps Memorial Hospital Center(3)                                       Specialty

Edward L. Merker                                                                  Family Medicine

Richard F. Strongwater                                                          Family Medicine

Craig H. Zalvan                                                                      Otolaryngology

Staten Island University Hospital North (4)                        Specialty

Jonathan Deitch                                                                      Vascular Surgery

Nicholas T. Karanikolas                                                          Urology

Theodore Maniatis                                                                  Pulmonary Disease

Philip Roth                                                                              Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine

Staten Island University Hospital South (1)                        Specialty

Theodore Strange                                                                    Internal Medicine

Zucker Hillside Hospital (2)                                                  Specialty

Victor M. Fornari                                                                    Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Blaine Greenwald                                                                   Geriatric Psychiatry

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