New Nuclear Imaging System at Lenox Hill Hospital Detects Heart Disease Faster Than Ever Before

Lenox Hill Hospital is using a new 3-D nuclear imaging technology to detect heart disease faster than ever before while reducing the amount of  radiation needed to create an image of the heart.

“The high-speed D-SPECT digital gamma camera system provides remarkable images with a fraction of the radiation dose,” said  Euguene Depasquale, Chief Nuclear Cardiologist. “This camera is a huge leap forward from all other available technology for accuracy, speed, comfort and safety for our patients.”

A single-photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT) camera is used to measure the heart muscle’s blood flow and function for patients with heart disease or suspected heart problems.

The enhanced sensitivity allows nuclear cardiologists to create 3-D images that show the blood flow through the heart muscle and heart chambers using the lowest doses of radiation ever.

This new technology allows cardiologists to determine the need for heart cauterization, angioplasty, bypass surgery or prescribe medications. In addition, nuclear imaging helps doctors evaluate the effectiveness of these therapies.

“The remarkable efficiency of the D-SPECT nuclear cardiology camera is allowing us to assess patients suspected of having heart disease in under an hour,” said Kenneth Lee, Associate Chief Nuclear Cardiologist at Lenox Hill.

  The open design of the scanner allows patients to sit in a reclining chair, similar to those in a dentist’s office, where a camera is positioned in front of the patient’s chest to capture the images. It is a significant benefit for people who experience claustrophobia during similar imaging tests that involve passing through a donut-shaped scanner.  It is also beneficial to get images of obese patients, who can now be scanned with high clarity and accuracy, which was not possible with other cardiac-imaging techniques.

To schedule an appointment or to learn more about the D-SPECT digital gamma camera system  call (212) 434-2708.

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