New Lamilly Doll Alone Won’t Fix a Child’s Body Image

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SYOSSET, NY – The new Lamilly doll, which is shaped more like an average woman than a Barbie doll and has accessories such as cellulite stickers, is not solely the answer to a child’s better self image, a New York psychologist says.

“With the concerns of body image, there’s a positive to it in the sense that girls can see that there are different sizes and shapes and appreciate the different sizes and shapes,” Willo Wisotsky, PhD, psychologist at the Center for Weight Management at Syosset Hospital, says. “I don’t necessarily believe that having a doll with so many adhesive options would necessarily benefit our youth. I think most of our body image has to come from within the family and within our social environment.”

Dr. Wisotsky adds that body image comes from loving who you are as a human being.

“If you love who you are from the inside, the outside tends to follow suit. Unfortunately, our society works outside in and that’s why people have more conflict with their body image.”

Two exercises people can do to create a better body image involve a mirror and a photo journal. The mirror exercise involves people standing in front of a full length mirror every day and saying something positive about themselves. This would change a person’s focus, which is typically on the part of their body that they don’t like, Dr. Wisotsky says. The photo journal exercise involves taking a photo of your whole body at least once a month and “appreciating who you are as a human being.” That photo is then put in a journal with some statements about the person and their experience that day.

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